French Bulldog Breeders – How to Find a Reputable One

Find a French Bulldog Breeder

French Bulldogs make wonderful companions. They are currently #14 on the AKC list of popular breeds so it’s not surprising that so many people today are choosing them for pets. Some of the words used to describe Frenchies are: loyal, playful, intelligent, awesome, stubborn, loving and full of personality. The monetary price you pay for such a wonderful dog is repaid a thousand times over when you get such a great companion.

French Bulldog breederYou want to ensure that companionship lasts as long as possible so you want to buy the healthiest French bulldog puppy that you can. You invested both time and money but even more importantly is the emotional investment you’ve put into your new puppy. French Bulldogs is a breed that potentially has more health issues than many other breeds and some of the issues can be serious. It’s important than anyone considering buying a French Bulldog should know about these health concerns ahead of time and learn how to properly buy a French bulldog that is healthy so as not to waste not only their time, but also their financial and emotional investment.

Research a Prospective Breeder

The first and most important thing you can do as a potential pet owner is to do your research. As with any type of purchase the more you know the better decision you can make. Learn more about the different health problems that this breed can have.  This will have you better informed so you can ask important questions of any breeder you are thinking about using. You can find out whether any serious health concerns affect the potential pet or their lineage before you become emotionally attached to a cute little puppy. Be prepared, French Bulldogs are not cheap but they are incredibly adorable. The last thing you want to do is to become attached to their cuteness and buy them without even asking any questions about their health challenges.  Buying a pet based solely on emotion can lead to high vet bills and a broken heart if your pet dies prematurely from some of these serious health issues.

Ask for Health Tests

Use only reputable breeders who do health tests on their French bulldog puppies and are willing to show you the results of those tests. Every good breeder should do the tests so it is one way to weed out the less reputable ones. Breeders who are not confident in the lineage of their breeds or who are not willing to spend the money on the tests are those you will want to steer clear of.  A reputable, quality breeder will know that every breed and every puppy has the potential for health problems. It is important that they do health tests to ensure that their kennel has a good reputation. Don’t be easily impressed by their awards, it could be a cover up where they only show you their good breeds. Eventually, somewhere along the line, even the strongest lineages have an occasional puppy that develops problems. If a breeder claims to only ever have had healthy French Bulldogs then they may not be telling you the whole story.

Make sure that the breeder provides you with a written guarantee or warranty. This warranty should assure you that the French bulldog you just bought is healthy and upon a certain period of time will refund you or replace your dog with another dog of your choice if any health issues arise. If a breeder is reluctant to do this you may want to consider another breeder. Obviously you won’t get a guarantee for two years down the road but you should get one for a reasonable period of time, long enough at least for you to have the puppy checked out by your own, trusted vet.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask around for recommendations from people who currently own French Bulldogs or your vet. Word of mouth can be the best way to find a reputable breeder. Ideally you will find one or two breeders who are consistently recommended by satisfied customers. Don’t rely strictly on recommendations, you’ll still want to ask about health tests etc. but it can help. Also, don’t be fooled by the internet. It is very simple to put pictures of healthy, good looking French Bulldog puppies online and advertise they are for sale when the actual puppies are quite different or don’t even exist. The internet can be a wonderful place to find many things including a dog but you’ll just want to be even more cautious and do more research before purchasing a dog online and from only pictures you’ve seen on the breeder’s website. I want to stress, MOST breeders who advertise online are not scams and may well be reputable, quality breeders. I only want to point out there are few scams out there so please do your research!

There is no fool-proof way to guarantee that the puppy you pick won’t get sick or have health issues down the road. However, by taking these basic steps you should feel more secure that the possibility is reduced.

You can take a look at my list of breeders here.  I do not make any claims or guarantees as to their reputations, integrity or quality of dogs they breed. This list was compiled with input from members of my Facebook page “I Love French Bulldogs”. You still need to do your research but this list may be a good place to start.

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