French Bulldog Breeder List

French Bulldog List of Breeders

This is a list of French Bulldog Breeders in the United States and Canada. It is far from comprehensive but is a good place to start looking for your new addition. The breeder list is based on recommendations from fans of the Facebook page “I Love French Bulldogs”.  PLEASE do your own research to determine whether a breeder is reputable. I do not make any guarantees as to the reputation, quality or reliability of any of these breeders or organizations. I do not make any guarantees about the cost, availability or quality of any dogs you may choose to purchase from anyone on this list.

French BulldogThis list is provided as a service to people who are looking to add a French Bulldog to their family. I am not a breeder, I have not personally used any of the breeders on this list, I do not personally represent any breeders nor do I receive any type of compensation from any breeder or organization to include them on this list.  Use your good judgment and do good research before you purchase a dog from ANY breeder whether they are on this list or not. Get more info on how to choose a breeder.

Also, before you make the decision to purchase a puppy please consider adoption from a rescue organization. There are thousands of dogs killed each year because of lack of good homes. Also, whether you’re looking for a French Bulldog puppy or a more mature dog please check out the articles on caring for a French Bulldog. If you know of a good, reputable French Bulldog breeder you would like to see on the list please contact us.


Breeder Name

Contact Information

Cape Cod French Bulldogs Southern NJ
Diamond B Ranch Omaha, TX
Doug Brown
Felzar Pugs and French Bulldogs Weare NH 03281
Kathie Rizzo
Ferncroft Farms Wake Forest, NC
Firefield Frenchies 865-463-6945
Franklin Frenchies Franklin, TN
Jean Kelly Dighton, MA
Lazy T Farm Frenchies Southwest VA
Leslie Porter540-629-4794
Love A Loyal Bulldog Sacramento, CA
Marina Silver
Ma & Paw French Bulldogs Langley, BC Canada
Ragtime Bulldogs Central Florida
Silver Hammer Frenchies Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Bonnie Wolfe
Sky Meadow Farm Whidbey Island, WA
Stewarts Cajun Bullies Southern MS
Angela Finney
Sturbridge Breeders Association Pennsylvania
Touch of Grey French Bulldogs Westminster, CA
VRs Country Puppy Seymour, MO 65746
Phone: 417-859-4834



Rescue Organizations

French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN)
French Bulldog Village Rescue



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