Essentials for Owning a French Bulldog

Owning a French Bulldog

Owning and caring for a French BulldogTo some people one dog is pretty much the same as any other: they eat, play fetch, take a nap, go poo and then start all over again. How complicated can it be to own one? While yes, all dogs are essentially the same, each breed does have its own distinct differences which require special attention from their human companions. So if you own a French bulldog, or are thinking about getting one then you should know what those differences are to help make sure that you raise a healthy, happy Frenchie.

This article will provide you with a list of the essentials you need to know that are particular to the breed. This list will not only help you become a responsible owner, but also help those that are thinking about buying a French bulldog decide whether they are ready to own one today.

  1. Nice cool area in the home or garden – French bulldogs are bothered by the heat more than most breeds. Their oddly shaped heads make it more difficult for Frenchies to dispel heat. Their smooshed up noses, while incredibly cute, also make it more difficult for them to breath in general but especially when it is hot and/or humid or if they are tired. Make sure that if you live in an area with a warm climate they should have access to an air-conditioned room. The yard or garden where they are allowed to play should also have shady areas for them to rest in. On especially hot days you should limit the amount of time they are allowed to stay outside. Providing your pet with a good shelter makes him feel important and valued.
  2. Have water accessible – Water can help French Bulldogs dispel heat. They tend to quickly overheat and need to rehydrate often. This is especially true when your dog is playing or exercising. Even just a small time spent exercising will quickly have them thirsty and panting so have water available at all times inside and outside, wherever your pet spends very much time.
  3. Exercise – It is very important to exercise and play with your French Bulldog but they cannot be active for long periods of time like some other breeds. Frenchies tend to tire easily and they need breaks from time to time. Walking and exercising is necessary for strength development of the dog, so owners usually do it twice a day. During the warmer months try walking in the early mornings or late evenings when it tends to be cooler.
  4. Healthy diet – Quality dog food is extremely important to French Bulldogs. They often have allergies and other health challenges that can be helped by feeding them a healthy diet. This will also help your pet be strong and active for as long as possible. Quality food should also help keep your dog looking beautiful and with a shiny, vibrant coat.
  5. Respect – treat your pet humanely and as part of the family. French bulldogs in particular require more human interaction than some other types of dogs. They thrive on love and attention from their humans. Giving them plenty of attention will also help to control the stubborn streak that many French Bulldogs possess. Good quality chew toys and treats are a good way to play with your Frenchie and give them the love and attention they crave. A good collar is a must. This will help allow you to keep your French Bulldog on a leash during walks which is safest for your pet. You will also be able to attach a charm with your address and phone number which will help should your pet ever get lost.
  6. Vet – Finally, make sure and plan financially for your pet. A French Bulldog is usually a fairly expensive breed to get in the first place and there will be more bills once you bring one home. As mentioned Frenchies often have health challenges so regular vet visits are a must.

French Bulldogs tend to be loving, friendly pets and wonderful companions. They don’t require as much exercise as some breeds so make wonderful apartment dogs. Frenchies, by nature, want to be with their human companions as much as possible and happily return the love you give them. They can be somewhat expensive and have some health challenges not found in other breeds though. If you are planning on adding one to your family make sure you do plenty of research and are really prepared to be a good dog owner, not just picking one because “they are so cute” (even though they really are). Whether you’re looking for a puppy or a more mature dog, French Bulldogs of all ages can make great companions for their humans.

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