Top 10 Off the Wall Dog Names of 2017

Funniest Dog Names

Many pet parents want their dogs to have names as unique as their personalities, but choosing one can be pretty difficult. We have two Bulldogs named Thuddeus Aurelius Maximus (Thud for short) and Lollypop LaRue (Lolly for short). From cute, to funny, to just plain ridiculous,


Here are the Top 10 Unique Dog Names of 2017

  1. Dunkin Butterbeans
  2. Cheesebro
  3. Choo Choo Boo Boo
  4. Empress Tzu Tzu
  5. Farrah Pawcett
  6. Fiona Penny Pickles
  7. Monsieur Le Colonel Moustache
  8. Tango Mango
  9. The Other Dude
  10. Yeti Spaghetti


Just so you know, every one of those top 10 crazy names actually has a pet named that. Meet:

Yeti Spaghetti  The Other Dude  Tango Mango  Monsieur Le Colonel Moustache
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 Fiona Penny Pickles  Farrah Pawcett  Empress Tzu Tzu  Choo Choo Boo Boo
 best dog names  best dog names  unique dog names  unique dog names
 Cheesebro  Dunkin Butterbeans
 best dog names  best dog names


As you can see pet parents love their fur babies! We also included the top 50 names as compiled by Nationwide Pet Insurance.

Top 50 Crazy Dog Names:

1.     Dunkin Butterbeans 18.  Blue Noodle Hans Castellon 35.    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
2.     Cheesebro 19.  Bobolina Pinky Poo 36.    Ozzy Pawsborn Francis
3.     Choo Choo Boo Boo 20.  Brewster Chewybear 37.    Sir Nippit Sandport Barksworth
4.     Empress Tzu Tzu 21.  Casey At The Bat 38.    Tiger Copa Khan Ice Cream
5.     Farrah Pawcett 22.  Cashmere T Mcgrew 39.    Tony The Wrench
6.     Fiona Penny Pickles 23.  Charlie Corgnelius Mcnolegs 40.    Trooper Von Brushyneck
7.     Monsieur Le Colonel Moustache 24.  Cheeto Batman 41.    Tuff Stardust Denim
8.     Tango Mango 25.  Daisy Belle Fluffbottoms 42.    Tumble Bumble
9.     The Other Dude 26.  Dale Junebug Jr 43.    Tupaw Shakur
10.  Yeti Spaghetti 27.  Doc Howliday 44.    Turkey Run Dancing Raisin
11.  Aeiress Patty White 28.  Dog Marley 45.    Webster Doodledoodle
12.  Agnes Gooch 29.  Dr Bannana Pancakes Aka Cakes 46.    White Magics Icy Hot
13.  Anna Banana Lovelace 30.  Driving Miss Fancy 47.    Wilber Whiskey Von Doodle
14.  Atticus Theodore Cutbirth 31.  Ezekiel Bakes The Bread 48.    Yukons Gold Grand Slam
15.  Baby Bam Bam Bono 32.  Flupner Dog Lips 49.    Zeus The Deuce
16.  Baran Of The Midnight Sun 33.  G Money James Dean Barkington Iii 50.    Zyla Blu Whitehead
17.  Barfolomew Barfonopolis 34.  Governor Clarence Bumblesnout 51.    **Bonus – Thuddeus Aurelius Maximus aka Thud